Twins Coffee

I'm a sucker for quaint cafés, and Twins Coffee is no exception.

Just before work I grabbed brunch with my friends, Jeanine and Nicole. Although we've only been here once or twice, I'm feeling a vibe that Twins will be one of my favourite places.

From the succulents, flowers and hanging plant bulbs, to the string lights and polaroid photos, this place has a distinct charm of its own. I think the decorations are probably my favourite part of Twins.

But the food wasn't that bad either!!

Nicole and I each had a cheesy bagel – they were pretty tasty – while Jeanine had a really good-looking mango smoothie.
Unfortunately, since we were in a bit of a time crunch, we couldn't stay too long. But the little break was needed, and a good one.
I have a pretty big appetite, and there were a bunch of other menu items I wanted to try – especially their waffles and macarons.


I'm definitely keeping them in mind the next time we drop by.


  1. MMMM. This looks so good! I think we must be related because I love those little cafes too ;)


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